Admission to the IU Masters of Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS) program requires successful completion of a baccalaureate degree, prerequisite courses (which can be worked into most undergraduate degrees), and other admission criteria.

You may choose almost any undergraduate major as long as you also complete the PA prerequisite courses. The IU PA program shows no preference for one degree or major over another.

The IU MPAS professional coursework will begin in May of each year.  The IU PA program consists of 7 consecutive semesters spanning 27 months, including 75 credit hours of didactic courses (i.e., classroom and lab instruction) and 36 hours of clinical rotations, for a total of 111 credit hours. The program requires courses or clinicals during all three summers - at the start of the program, in the middle, and at the end.

Important: Each PA program has its own set of admission requirements and policies. It is recommended that you research other schools in order to plan your prerequisites and other admission requirements, and to determine the timing of your courses and the application itself.

Admission to the IU Physician Assistant Program is very competitive. Admission requirements include significant direct patient care experience, successful completion of prerequisite coursework, admission exam scores, a directed essay (i.e., a brief essay focused on a particular question, as explained on the IU PA program site), letters of recommendation, and an admission interview (for those who qualify). Admission requirements are not weighted by percentage in terms of their importance during the admission process. They will be considered together as a complete application portfolio. Nonetheless, as with all PA programs, GPA is of central importance to the competitive admission process.

Indiana residents from certain Indiana counties will be given some preference as part of the program's commitment to producing PAs to work in under-served communities.

Admission Requirements and Prerequisite courses for Indiana PA Programs

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