LinkedIn allows you to build your professional identify online and keep in touch with other professionals. You can also use LinkedIn to discover professional opportunities and stay informed with the latest news, inspiration and insights. In a nutshell, LinkedIn is awesome and you should be using it.

Creating your LinkedIn profile isn’t difficult, but it does take time. Below are some tips for creating an excellent LinkedIn profile:

Go to to get started building your LinkedIn profile. As you begin filling in your profile, be sure you convey your skills, experience, and everything else you have to offer a potential employer-- so be thorough! Prepare to put a lot of time and thought into your profile page.

Have a dynamic title or tagline to set you apart from everyone else. Most people put their job title in the section directly below their name, but you can use this space to emphasize your unique qualities instead by using a tagline. If you need help coming up with a tagline, meet with your career advisor for ideas.

If you don’t have a lot of work experience, make sure to highlight your volunteer experience and student involvement. This counts for a lot when you are just getting started on your career path.

Take advantage of the summary section. Include your accomplishments, qualifications, and expertise, and use this section to show potential employers how you are unique.

You can customize your URL. Your first and last name is a great option if it’s available. Use your custom LinkedIn URL on your resume and email signature to help lead professionals to your profile.

Connect with others in a personal way. Don't just use the default greeting to connect with others. When you send a LinkedIn invitation, write a personalized greeting that reminds the person how you know them. You are only able to do this on the computer, if you are using the mobile app you don't yet have the option to customize your connection request.

Join groups. Being a member of a group will help you stand out, but even more importantly, groups allow you to participate in discussions, seek advice, and connect to other members. There's a ton of great information being passed around in these groups. Take advantage of all these free resources.

Give and receive recommendations. Recommendations on LinkedIn are the equivalent to job references (and they carry more weight than just getting yours skills endorsed on LinkedIn). While it is easy to hit the “Request Recommendations” button, it is better to reach out personally when asking for a recommendation.

Remember that spelling and grammar is important. Your goal is to impress potential employers. Having an error-free LinkedIn profile is just as important as having an error-free resume and cover letter. Make an appointment to have someone at PREPs look over your profile and help you improve it.

The perfect professional photo: Your photo is the first thing people will see when they visit your LinkedIn page; it needs to exhibit professionalism. PREPs can help you get the perfect shot. Contact our office today to schedule your photo shoot.