Networking for Introverts

Introversion is one of the Myers-Briggs type indictors to describe one of the major personality types. Those who are introverted are often exhausted by social interactions and find stimulating environments overwhelming. Introverts tend to be reserved, cautious, reflective, independent, quiet (at first), inward-oriented, need solitude to recharge, prefer deeper discussion, prefer fewer and more intimate friendships, and are comfortable being alone.

Networking involves interacting and connecting with others and cultivating relationships. As an introvert, it can feel exhausting going to events and putting yourself out there for the sake of networking. However, you can think of networking simply as making friends, being kind to them, and keeping in touch. Introverts have many qualities that are beneficial for growing and deepening relationships. 

On-campus activities can help you meet people with similar goals and values. Consider joining a few student groups that interest you, attend special events, volunteer to help or run for a leadership role, get to know faculty and staff on campus. These are just a few ways to connect with others on campus. Remember, your friends and classmates are future colleagues, so it's important to cultivate relationships now. You may want to focus on one-on-one interactions to begin, then you can ask friends to introduce you to other friends. Study groups are also great introverted activities as you have the social interaction, but are still doing an introverted activity. 

There are many more resources on this topic, if you'd like to learn more, download the Introvert's Networking Resource Directory by clicking the button at the top of the page.