Writing Your Resume

Showcase your skills.

Your resume is your opportunity to show off you skills, this includes hard skills (these are skills like mastery of specific software systems), soft skills (these are personality-driven skills like small talk and listening), and transferable skills (these are skills that you can take with you from one situation to another such as being able to analyze and interpret information). If you are having trouble listing your skills, see our Keywords and Skills page for suggestions.

Quantify and prove your skills whenever possible.

For example, don't simply say that you are a "team player," instead say something like, "Facilitated weekly meetings with fifteen staff members. Responsible for leading staff to collectively achieve monthly goals." Sounds a lot better, doesn’t it?

Use action statements and field-specific vocabulary to list your qualifications.

When listing your qualifications and previous experiences, be sure to start each statement with a verb or adjective. If possible, quantify each of these qualities and experiences. For example, if you are applying for a research position, don’t just say, “Worked in a neuroscience lab”, explain exactly what you did using field-specific language and strong action verbs. Here's that sentence again, "Conducted assays once a week to detect changes in gene expression in cell cultures”. This sounds way more impressive!

Include a succinct headline.

Instead of including a section for your objective statement on your resume, leave that section header out and include a headline. Notice the difference in the following two examples:

  • Objective: To become a pharmacist at a competitive research firm.
  • Headline: Dependable leader passionate about pharmaceutical research.

See our Resume Examples section for more examples of headlines. 

Include your customized LinkedIn URL.

A customized LinkedIn URL will allow employers to view additional information that doesn’t fit on your resume. Check out our Networking page for directions on how to do this.