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Choosing your Path IUPUI Career Counseling and Personal AssessmentPrepare for What's Next

If you know what you want to do after you graduate, PREPs can help you develop a plan that will position you for the career you want.

If you’re not so sure about the career you want, we’ll work with you to assess career options based on your interests, skills and values.

Get started with these resources

The Career Decision-Making Process

Check out this brief power-point to gain insights on how to choose a career. 

Parallel Planning

Parallel Planning is an important step in developing an effective strategy to relaize your career goals. Parallel Planning allows you to plan for two career goals simulatleosly in case either plan changes. Schedule an appointment to meet with a career counselor to create your Parallel Plan. 

Who am I?

The Type Focus Self-Assessment is a free online tool that will give you insight into your Myer's-Brigg Personality Type. Bring your results to PREPs to have it interpreted by a certified MBTI practitioner. 

Candid Careers

Do you like YouTube videos? Then you'll love the Candid Careers video series. Learn about different careers from professionals via short ten-minute videos. Click HERE for the homepage, then scroll to the bottom and click Visit Candid Careers.

Career Resources

PREPs has compiled a list of resources for choosing a career. From "pinspiration" and inspiring Ted Talks to job shadowing tips, you'll find a wealth of information HERE

Meet with a Career Counselor one-on-one

Career counseling involves all aspects of the career path, including:

  • Self-assessment
  • Major exploration and selection within science and mathematics
  • Career changes
  • Development of a targeted job search

Schedule a visit to meet with your career counselor!