What Can You Do with a Degree in Forensic + Investigative Science?

  • Ballistics
  • Blood spatter analysis
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Crime scene reconstruction
  • DNA analysis
  • Explosive analysis
  • Fire debris analysis
  • Forensic pathology (medical school required)
  • Forensic serology
  • Forensic toxicology
  • Illicit drug analysis
  • Trace evidence analysis

Are forensic scientists also crime scene investigators?

Crime scene investigation differs based on the jurisdiction. There are three basic ways this is handled:

  1. Crime scene evidence collection is handled by trained police officers and no forensic scientists are at the actual scene of the crime. This evidence is given to the lab where it is analyzed by forensic scientists.
  2. Crime scene technicians are at the scene to collect the evidence but do not do the analysis. This is done in the lab. The technicians do not have to be scientists.
  3. Forensic scientists are on-call to collect evidence at the crime scene. These same scientists work in the lab doing analysis.

Education - Where will your degree take you?

Bachelor Degree (BA/BS)
Entry level positions in law enforcement at local, state, federal government level. Preparation for admission to professional schools such as medicine, dentistry, and law

Masters Degree (MS)
Managerial positions in government, research and teachers at high school and community colleges

Doctoral Degree (PhD)
Positions in independent research at universities, university faculty, advanced positions in forensics (i.e. anthropology, psychology, or geology)

Here's what our 2014 graduates are doing with their degrees:

  • Lab Technician for Roche Diagnostics (BS)
  • Lab Assistant for Mid America Clinical Lab (BS)
  • Toxicology Analyst for PremierTox Laboratories (BS)

Students who went on to graduate or professional school are currently enrolled in the following programs:

  • Medicine at Indiana University School of Medicine (MD)
  • Osteopathic Medicine at Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine (DO)
  • Forensic Science at Michigan State University (MS)