Step 2: Search Smarter not Harder

Job searching can become an all-consuming pursuit if you aren't strategic. To protect your valuable time, PREPs has handpicked the best sites to look for your next job. Don't search harder, search smarter with these resources:

  • ScienceLink is our new career services management database. It's a powerful tool that connects School of Science students and alumni with exceptional career and internship opportunities. Every day we evaluate each job posting and determine if it satisfies NACE standards. 
  • Search for jobs by major: PREPs has put together this list of organizations where you can search for jobs by your major.
  • Student Employment: if you are looking for a job on campus be sure to visit the Office of Student Employment. 
  • The Next Step Fair is a great opportunity to meet with many employers at one place. Help each spring, the next step fair will connect you with a broad range of job options suited to your major.

Keep in mind that achieving ambitious career goals require time. Your first job is probably not going to be your dream job. Rather, it will be an opportunity for you to learn about the industry, yourself, and gain valuable experience. Think of each job as a stepping stone towards your ultimate destination.