Admission to the OT graduate program requires successful completion of a baccalaureate degree, prerequisite courses (which can be worked into most undergraduate degrees), and other admission criteria.

You may choose any undergraduate major as long as you also complete the OT prerequisite courses. In any given year, the IU OT program accepts applicants from fifteen or twenty different degrees and majors.

The master's program itself, and the professional coursework, takes two full years to complete, including Summer sessions (starting second Summer session during the first year of your professional coursework), and incorporates fieldwork assignments at affiliated centers located in Indiana and other states.

IU OT admission information

NOTE that other OT programs will have different requirements and enforce different policies. It is recommended that you research other programs in order to plan your prerequisites and other admission requirements, and the timing of your courses and the application itself.


  • Introductory Psychology PSY – B110
  • Psychology – Life Span Development PSY B-310
  • Abnormal Psychology-PSY B380 
  • Introductory Sociology SOC R-100 or Introductory Cultural Anthropology ANTH A-104
  • Statistics – STATS 30100, SPEA K-300, SOC R-359, PSY B-305, ECON E-270
  • Anatomy w/lab – BIOL N-261
  • Physiology w/lab – BIOL N-217
  • Physics w/lab - PHYS-P201 or PHYS 21800 * must be up to MATH 15400- Algebra and Trigonometry level
  • Medical Terminology – HIA-M330, CLAS C-209, or RADI R-108

Each OT program has its own set of prerequisites!Most OT programs require a minimum grade of at least "C" in all prerequisites ("C-" not acceptable).

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