Gaining Relevant Experience

Clinical Observation (Job Shadowing)
IU pre-occupational therapy clinical observation requirement

Prior to submitting your application, the IU OT program requires that you complete at least 12 hours total of observation and/or volunteering with either an OT or OT Assistant, in at least 3 different OT practice settings (e.g., acute care hospital, outpatient clinic, mental health center, school system),with a minimum of 1 hour spent in each of the 3 settings. Doing so will enable you to appreciate how a OT's responsibilities differ from one kind of setting to another.

The IU OT program requires validation for each observation.  You may obtain a form to document your observation at the School of Health and Rehabilitative Sciences.  

For more information on job shadowing, visit our Job Shadowing Page. There you can download a free copy of our Professional Development Directory for a list of professional shadowing contacts.