The Application Process

The American Dental Education Association (ADEA) provides a centralized application service called ADDSAS (Associated American Dental Schools Application Service) that allows applicants to submit one initial, primary application in order to apply to multiple dental schools. Most dental schools participate in AADSAS, although there are some that do not.

The process of applying to most dental schools works like this: 1) you fill out one online primary application, choose the schools you would like to receive the application, and send any supplemental materials requested by them; 2) those schools receive your application, review it, and if they would like to consider you further for admission they send you supplemental application materials or contact you to schedule an interview.

It is recommended that you try to complete and submit this application by mid-June, in order to leave ample time for processing.  You should also make sure that all supplemental materials are submitted to dental schools by early August, so that dental schools may have time to review your application and invite you for an early fall interview.