Entrance Exams


As part of the application process, most physician assistant graduate programs require that you take the GRE revised General Test.

Indiana University Physician Assistant Program admission exam requirement

The IU PA program requires GRE or MCAT scores taken within the past 5 years. No minimum score has been set (obviously the higher your scores the better), nor is there a set value in terms of how significant a role the exam will play during the admission process. Scores will be considered as part of your total application portfolio.

As of Fall 2012, the IU program indicted that only the verbal section would be considered. Other programs, however, may consider other sections as well.

MCAT scores and PA programs

Some PA programs will accept scores from the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) in place of GRE scores. (Program websites should indicate if this is the case.) The MCAT option sometimes arises when a premed student who has already taken the MCAT switches to pre-PA, or wants to apply to both medical school and PA programs.  If you are not thinking of applying to medical school and have not yet taken the MCAT, then opt for the GRE instead (assuming you are applying to PA programs which require the GRE).