Non-Degree Seeking

Non Degree seekingInterested in pursuing a health-related or law career, but have prerequisites to complete?

Post-baccalaureate students (non-degree seeking) whose goal is to enter professional health programs have access to pre-professional and academic advising with Marcy Carlson and all of PREPs' resources and events. 

Financial Aid Forms

Need your advisor to sign your Non-Degree Prerequisite Coursework Verification form? Make an appointment with Marcy Carlson. 

Information for Undergraduate Non-Degree Seeking Students – working on Pre-Requisites for Professional Programs




If you have already completed a bachelor degree at IUPUI or another institution and you are wanting to work on pre-requisites only for a professional program, you will need to apply to the University through the Admissions Office as an Undergraduate, Non-Degree Seeking student. You may do this online at or at the IUPUI Campus Center – Room 255- 317-274-4591.

It can take the Admissions office approximately 4 weeks (times may vary) to review your application for admission. Please plan accordingly. 

If your degree is from a university outside of the IU system, your GPA will start over here at IUPUI.  If your degree is from an IU system school (IU Bloomington, IUPUI, IU Kokomo, etc.) your GPA will continue from where it left off.

Grades from previous universities bachelor degrees will not transfer here. If you feel you have taken some pre-reqs already and do not want to re-take them, those courses will be evaluated during advising sessions.   Please note:  many programs have a statute of limitations on coursework. Generally, science courses need to be taken within 7 years to count and math courses must be taken within 10 years to count. Most other courses will be counted (English, history, etc.).

Full time enrollment = 12 hours

Due to your status as Undergraduate Non-Degree seeking, you will need to re-apply through Admissions each semester.

TUITION – subject to change

Indiana Residents (as of 4/1/17)

12-18 credit hours            $4,057.00 per semester plus fees
< 12 credit hours              $270.00 per credit hour plus fees

Please check with Registrar’s office for out of state tuition


Placement Testing:

Unless you have had courses at your previous institution that can count for the pre-req here, you will need to take a placement test for Math and Chemistry. Even if Math is NOT a pre-req for your program, you will generally need to be at a specific math level for success in Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Please consult advisor for individual situations regarding Math level and readiness for science coursework.

ALEKS Math Placement Test
Chemistry Placement Test


As an Undergraduate Non-Degree seeking student, you are eligible for financial aid in the form of loans only for 12 calendar months. 

You must complete a Non-Degree Pre-Requisite Coursework Verification form for EACH semester that you are taking classes. The form must be signed by your advisor. Please turn in completed form to the IUPUI Financial Aid Office in the Campus Center, Room 250. 317-274-4162. Forms available in the Financial Aid Office or from your advisor.


Course registration is completed online via your student center at  One.IU.  If you need assistance with the registration process itself, please contact the Registrar’s office in the Campus Center Room 250- 317-274-1519.

You will register during Open Enrollment. Check with Registrar’s office or your advisor about when you are able to register for classes during the times listed below.

                March- registration for Summer Sessions I & II and Fall semester
                October/November – registration for Spring semester

Potential Course Registration Issues and Resolutions:

Blocked Registration- If your previous degree was from an institution outside of the IU system and you have met pre-reqs for courses, the registration system may not recognize those courses.   If this happens and you are blocked from registering, contact Molly Rondeau in the Dean’s office at

Or 317-274-0672.  If you are blocked from a Chemistry course, contact Marie Nguyen at

Class Permissions – If you need permission for a specific course, please contact Molly Rondeau – or 317-274-0672.  Please include the course section number with any correspondence.

Course Drop/Add and Withdrawals:

Please follow the university calendar available at the Registrar’s office for information on dates for drop/add and course withdrawals.


Advising for students completing pre-reqs for professional programs in the School of Science are advised in PREPs –Pre-Professional and Career Preparation Office. 

PREPs-University Tower, Room 200

It is recommended that students meet with their advisor when they arrive at the university to get ensure they are headed in the right direction for the academic and career path and then whenever they would like additional assistance. PREPs offers a variety of academic and professional development services for Undergraduate Non- Degree seeking students including:

  • One on one advising
  • Application assistance including personal statement review, and mock interviews
  • Resources for professional development including shadowing, volunteering, research, and student organizations.



                Marcy Carlson 
                Pre-Professional Advisor
                PREPs Office
                University Tower, Room 200