Prior to entering the DPT Degree Program, each student must also complete the following pre-requisite courses:

  • Statistics (must include study of inferential statistics) (1 semester) STAT 30100, PSY-B305, SPEA-K300 or other approved course
  • Human Anatomy (1 semester with lab) BIOL-N261
  • Human Physiology (1 semester with lab) BIOL-N217
  • General Chemistry (2 semesters with labs) CHEM-C105/CHEM-C125 and CHEM-C106/CHEM-C126
  • General Physics (2 semesters with labs) PHYS-P201/PHYS-P202
  • Introductory Psychology (1 semester) PSY-B110
  • Human Lifespan Development (must include study of birth to death) (1 semester) PSY-B310

Each prerequisite course must be at a level for science majors and must be at least 3 semester credit hours or equivalent quarter hours and be completed with a C letter grade at minimum.

If offered admission to the DPT program, Medical Terminology is also required and must be demonstrated by:

  • Formal course work, or
  • Online instruction with certificate of completion

Please Note:

  • Online courses are acceptable EXCEPT science courses with labs
  • Dual credit courses are acceptable if recorded on a college transcript with a grade.
  • Any AP course with a score of 3 or higher will be accepted to satisfy a prerequisite requirement.
  • Student may retake up to fifteen (15) credit hours of prerequisites.  The higher grade will be used to compute prerequisite GPA but all grades will be used to compute cumulative GPA.

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