Stand Out!

Get noticed by employers and admissions committeesYour Brand | Your Involvement | Your Experience

Use these assets to help you stand out to hiring managers and admissions officers. Here are some tips as to how:

Get a Brand

Learn how to develop a brand that portrays you as a high-caliber individual who would be a great asset to any organization.

Get Connected

Develop your network to learn about programs, careers, and job opportunities.

Get Experience

Find internships, research opportunities, and student employment to help you develop skills that employers needs.

Get Involved

Involvement in student clubs and campus groups expands the platforms for learning within the School of Science. Network, develop valuable skills, gain recognition, and making a lasting impact on the campus and community.

Give Back

Service learning projects and volunteer work allow you to meet new people, contribute to the campus and community,  develop personal leadership and communication skills, and gain experience for your resume.