Pre-pharmacy School of Science, IUPUI

Interested in a Career in Pharmacy?

The School of Science office for Pre-Professional & Career Preparation (PREPs) will support you throughout the process of preparing for pharmacy school.

From advising you on pre-requisite courses and professional development activities to helping you through the application process, PREPs can assist you in every step.

Admission to pharmacy school is very competitive. You need to plan thoroughly from the start to be successful. The links below include detailed information on everything from the courses to the application process.

If you are an IUPUI School of Science student, we strongly encourage you to make an appointment to meet with a pre-professional advisor. The "Make An Appointment" link is on the right!

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Required Courses:

  • CHEM-C 105/125 Chemistry 1 & Lab (5 hours)
  • CHEM-C 106/126 Chemistry 2 & Lab (5 hours)
  • CHEM-C 341/343 Organic Chemistry I & Lab (5 hours)
  • CHEM-C 342/344 Organic Chemistry II & Lab (5 hours)
  • BIOL-K 483 or K383 Biological Chemistry* (3 hours)
  • BIOL-K101 Concepts of Biology I - Plants(5 hours)
  • BIOL-K102 Concepts of Biology II - Animals (5 hours)
  • BIOL-K 356/357 Microbiology & Lab (5 hours)
  • BIOL-N 261 Human Anatomy (5 hours)
  • BIOL-N 217 Human Physiology (5 hours)
  • BIOL-K 338 Introductory Immunology**  (3 hours)
  • PHYS-P 201 General Physics I (5 hours)
  • MA 23100 Calculus for the Life Sciences I*** (3 hours)
  • MA 23200 Calculus for the Life Sciences I*** (3 hours)
  • STAT 30100 Elem. Statistical Methods I****  (3 hours)
  • ENG-W 131 Reading, Writing, and Inquiry I (3 hours)
  • ECON-E 101 Survey of Economic Issues & Problems (3 hours)
  • COMM-R110 Fundamentals of Speech Communications (3 hours)

Notes and Clarifications

* CHEM-C 484 or CHEM- C384 (Biomolecules & Catab.) or CHEM 533 (Intro.Biochem.) may be substituted for BIOL-K 483 or BIOL-K 383

** BIOL 561 (Immunology) may be substituted for BIOL-K 338 by permission

*** MA 22100/22200 (Calc.Tech.I & II) or MA 16500/16600 (Analy.Geom.Calc.I & II) may be substituted for MA 23100/23200

**** PSY-B 305 (Statistics), ECON-E 270 (Intro.Stat.Theory), SPEA-K 300 (Stat.Techniques), or STAT-N 501 (Stat.Meth.Hlth.Sci.) may be substituted for STAT 30100.

A cumulative total of 60 credit hours (includes advanced placement, department credit, pass/not pass, etc.) is required to meet admission requirements.

This plan of study is specifically designed for IUPUI students preparing to apply for admission to the Doctor of Pharmacy program at Purdue University College of Pharmacy for Fall 2012 and thereafter. If you are applying to additional schools, please check with the specific program for admission requirements and pre-requisites. 

Additional information about the College and professional program admissions is located at:

Before applying for admission to Purdue University College of Pharmacy, you should contact the Office of Student Services, (765) 496-6885,, for current and accurate information.  

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Entrance Exams

The Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) is a standardized exam designed to assess competencies in areas important for success in pharmacy school and a career as a pharmacist. There are six content areas covered on the PCAT: Verbal Ability, Biology, Chemistry, Reading Comprehension, Quantitative Ability, and Writing.  Approximately 85% of pharmacy programs in the United States require the PCAT exam for admission.  Purdue University College of Pharmacy does not require the PCAT exam.  Students should check the requirements for other programs to determine whether they will need to take the PCAT for admission.

Gaining Relevant Experience

Clinical and Community Service Experience

Experience with the pharmacy profession is essential to preparing for pharmacy school. Job shadowing is an excellent way to explore the daily life of a pharmacist and find out if a pharmacy career is the right fit for you.  For more information on job shadowing, visit our Job Shadowing Page. There you can download a free copy of our Professional Development Directory for a list of professional shadowing contacts.

Many pre-pharmacy students are also able to obtain experience through employment as pharmacy technicians. It is helpful if your experience is not limited to retail pharmacy, but if you also have exposure to the work of pharmacists in hospitals, compounding pharmacies and long-term care facilities.

In addition, pharmacy school admissions committees prefer applicants who demonstrate a long-term commitment to serving others. If you plan to apply to pharmacy school you should endeavor to gain experience serving the community through volunteer activities. 

The Application Process

The American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy provides a centralized application service called "PharmCAS" through which applicants may submit one initial application to apply to multiple pharmacy programs. PharmCAS is designed only for applicants to professional pharmacy degree (Pharm. D) programs.

Pharmacy schools vary in their requirements for letters of recommendation. Most pharmacy schools will require a minimum of two to three letters of recommendation; often sending more (if the school will allow) can strengthen your application. Purdue University requires a minimum of two letters of recommendation. You should check with other pharmacy schools regarding their guidelines on letters of recommendation.

For most pharmacy schools, you will be required to have your recommenders submit their recommendations directly through the PHARMCAS application system.